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5 Best Online ZIP Code Finders in 2020

If you need a ZIP code finder, you’ve come to the right place. Get a full ZIP code with extension, find ZIP codes within a radius, or browse zip codes by state.

Here are the best online tools for finding zip codes in the U.S. that you can bookmark and pop open when you need one.

With these five simple tools, you’ll never be at a loss for finding ZIP code. And those that offer extra features can be helpful down the road.

Best Online ZIP Code Finder Websites


If you’re looking for a best ZIP code finder that has some extra features, check out You can start with the simple zip code lookup by city and state or enter a full street address to get the ZIP+4 extension.

You can check your current location address with ZIP code by ZIP code lookup. You just need to click on auto search or if you want to check ZIP code away from you then choose manual search.

Other tools on include a reverse search using a zip code, a zip code radius finder (to find all zip codes within the number of miles you choose), and a distance zip code calculator (to find the distance between two locations).

You can also use the advanced search which adds area code to the search tool or a post office locator.


Who better to get a zip code from than the United States Postal Service? When you land on the site you can search for a zip code by street address or city and state.

Remember, some larger towns can have more than one zip code. So if you have the street address, that will certainly help get you the correct one. also offers a reverse search so you can find cities using a zip code.


Looking for a zip code finder with a map? Head to United States Zip Enter an address, city, or state and you’ll see the zip code(s) along with a handy map view.

This website also gives you information about zip codes, places in the U.S. without them, tabulation areas, popular searches, and zip codes by state.

As bonuses, United States Zip has a zip code radius map, shipping calculator, and printable maps.


Lookup a zip code by city or city and state with You can add extra details to your zip code search too. Check the boxes to include the county name and FIPS code, time zone, MSA/PMSA, area code, latitude and longitude, or 2012 population.

You can also enter a zip code to see the city and state it belongs to if needed. makes zip code searching simple.

5. World Postal Code

If what you really need is a zip code finder that also lets you search for postal codes around the globe, then check out World Postal Code.

Choose your search from the top, enter an address, county, or state and get the full zip code including the four-digit extension. The site lets you use a map to search for codes or select a U.S. state.

World Postal Code can provide you with zip and postal codes for countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe in just a couple of clicks.

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